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Founded in 2012, our Montengrin-based office is comprised of expats and locals that have deep business experience in the fields of economics, online marketing, web designers, PPA and SEO specialists. 

Establishing our name in the online marketing and influential landscape. We grow as technology advanced and coupled our online expertise with last foot on the ground - both operationally and logistically to provide an holistic solution to our clients with emphasis on MENA region. 

Shifting markets and strong client demand for presence in LATAM and Asia brought us to expand our activities with focus on those high volume, low revenue regions. We added legal consultants to the teams to help navigate the landscape when entering a new country with our clients.

More than a decade since its founding, B&H has a long established network of partnerships throughout the world. Our focus on Asia and LATAM has brought us very meaningful insights and opportunities in India, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia. Our network keeps on growing as the demand from our clients grows.


12 Years of Experience
In Growing business together

Time has shown that with dedication and the right strategy - nothing is impossible.

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